2015 Premium Seed


The Dill Family is very pleased to offer select seed from these exceptional Atlantic Giant Pumpkins, Show King Squash and Field Pumpkins (c. pepo variety). We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks, not only to the growers who supplied us with seed this season but also to those growers whose names appear in the successful crosses from previous years, to produce these specimens. Some of these crosses are rare and others new and exciting for the future. Remember - it all starts with you, the grower, before any seed is sown, to make it happen, for this to grow and evolve to where it is today!


The only seed available are from the first column (2015 Weight); seed of the parental crosses (female/male) are not available. They are listed only to provide genetic background of each specimen. Many of the lots are in limited supply so we highly recommend you list alternates.

When ordering seed from the premium seed lists, list only the seed from the 2015 Weight Column, you do not have to provide the genetic background information (female/male).

Seed offered on our Premium List has been provided by growers from various locations throughout Canada, The United States and Germany. Please take note of grower's region:

  • Nova Scotia - Danny Dill, Diana Dill-MacDonald, Jeff Reid, Frank Ansems, Fred Ansems, Andrew Ansems, Will Neily, Jackie Rand, Lawrence Anthony, Ronald Crowell, Russell Coolen, Paul Ferguson, Megan Ansems, Marilyn Ansems, Bill Smeltzer, and George Manuel
  • New Brunswick - Bill and Dawn Northrup
  • PEI - Al Aten
  • Quebec - Todd Kline and Mike MacDonald
  • Ontario - Joel Jarvis, Brandon Timm, John Nieuwenhoff
Kevin Companion (Vermont), Al Berard (Maine), Shannon Engel (WI), Bob Liggett (OH), Brian Reeb (OH), Hiram Watson (NH)

Peter Frei, Matthias Wuersching

Photos of the pumpkins can be seen under our "Gallery of Giants"

We encourage everyone to keep us posted on your 2015 growing season and welcome all photos and reports, regardless of size. Best wishes for 2015!

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We are still offering additional seed varieties via the enclosed links.

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