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We can only send seed to Canada, The United States, and the European Union.


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We are very pleased to offer you our most recent selection of the World's top performing and favorite pumpkin varieties. Pumpkin fever has hit an all-time high with many more home owners decorating for the fall season, and the dramatic increase in World Record weights with our "Dill's Atlantic Giant" variety.

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In 2018, many growers and people from around the World had the pleasure to witness over 20 ‘Atlantic Giant’ pumpkins grown over 2000 lb. (1 Ton) They also got to see many new state and provincial records established.

Steve Geddes from Boscawen, New Hampshire delivered the biggest news of the year with his massive new USA record of 2528 lb. and the World’s Largest Pumpkin in 2018, second biggest ever grown! Also, two other growers broke Joel Holland’s previous record of 2363 lb. with a 2469 lb. grown by Steve Daletas, Pleasant Hill, Oregon and an orange monster of 2416.5 lb. produced by Karl Haist, Clarence Center, NY. It has to go without saying that Steve Daletas truly had one big growing season… besides his 2469 giant, he grew 3 others over 2000 pounds…2170, 2157.5 and 2003. Also, another at a mere 1927.5 lb. Absolutely Amazing!

It was a pleasure to see long time grower Phil Hunt from Cameron, Ontario set a new Canadian record pumpkin at 1959 lb. So close to growing Canada’s first 2000 pounder. Another giant pumpkin or two worth noting were a couple of Big N’ Orange beauties grown by Debbie Gantner of Oshkosh, Wisconsin at 2152 lb. and 1567 lb.

And what a year it was, according to official GPC records, there were 550 plus pumpkins grown in 2018 over 1000 lb.

Congratulations to all of you and to everyone else who grew a new personal best from the Dill Family. We cannot imagine what’s in store for 2019? The first thing that comes to mind, will we see the World’s first 3000 lb. Pumpkin?

We are very proud of our “Dill’s Atlantic Giant” heritage spanning the last 39 years and the excitement it has sown around the World. Our best wishes to everyone for another great growing season in 2019!

Yours in Pumpkins,

Danny Dill
President, Howard Dill Enterprises

Phil & Jane Hunt of Cameron, Ontario are pictured with their Canadian Record Pumpkin @ 1959 lb.

Steve Geddes is seen here with his USA > Record Pumpkin @ 2528 lb.

2528 Geddes getting ready to go to Weigh-Off

Please see our premium seed links under
'Heavyweights' and 'Show King Squash'
for ordering information. Very limited quantities, order early.

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