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We are very pleased to offer you our most recent selection of the World's top performing and favorite pumpkin varieties. Pumpkin fever has hit an all-time high with many more home owners decorating for the fall season, and the dramatic increase in World Record weights with our "Dill's Atlantic Giant" variety.

The Dill Family would like to extend Great Atlantic Congrats to Tim Mathison of Napa, CA for growing a New World Record Pumpkin at 2032 lbs. Great job Tim! Special Congratulations also go out to fellow Maritime growers Fred Ansems of Steam Mill, NS for growing a new World Record Long Gourd at 139.25" and Bill and Dawn Northrup of Sussex, NB for growing a new Atlantic Record Pumpkin at 1813 lbs. Great Work!

Finally, to all of you who grew a personal best, Provincial or State Record or new record for your country, congratulations and best wishes from the Dill Family!

As we head into 2014, there is great anticipation for bigger and better pumpkins and our mission will be to continue to provide top quality seed. We are very proud of our "Dill's Atlantic Giant" heritage spanning the last 34 years and the enjoyment it has sown.

At this time, we would like to thank all of you who have supported us in the past and welcome new customers who aspire to grow big "ATLANTIC GIANT" PUMPKINS!

Yours in Pumpkins,

Danny Dill
President, Howard Dill Enterprises
Son of originator,
Howard Dill

In Memory of
Maxwell Webb 1997-2013

Max was born in Independence, Kansas. He had a special fondness for growing "Atlantic Giant" Pumpkins, especially the pretty orange ones and he was rewarded for his efforts in 2011 by winning the Howard Dill Award at the Pumpkin Daze in Republic, Missouri.

Max was born with autism, however, he was gifted with an exceptionally high IQ. He left high school but earned his GED on his 16th birthday. He passed his college entrance exams and began college in August of 2013 with a major in Chemical Science. He had created a plant fertility drug to boost female flowers when they were not growing. He used this method on his pumpkin last season and it was growing at a faster rate than any he had before.

Unfortunately, Max was bullied to the point of no return. The bullies smashed his pumpkin and threatened him via the internet and the phone. In memory of Max, we ask everyone to "Pass It On". If you see someone who could use a kind deed, do the "LOVE TO MAX, PASS IT ON!" Hold the door open for someone, visit an elderly person, carry a parcel for someone in need and in return, you ask them to Pass it On to someone they think may need a kind gesture. Please go to for more information.

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Fred Ansems of Steam Mill is seen here with his World Record Long Gourd at 139.25"

New World Record
Pumpkin at 2032 lbs.
Grown by Tim Mathison,
Napa, California

Bill and Dawn Northrup of Sussex, NB are seen
celebrating their new Atlantic Record Pumpkin at 1813 lbs


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